Bark Place - Our Process
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Our Process

Our professional groomers are all highly skilled and are trained in all of the individualized breed cuts.


Our appointments are scheduled with enough time to cater to your dog one on one. When your pet arrives for their appointment, you will meet with Nicole, our Grooming Manager to discuss the type of cut you would like or any specific needs your dog may have.


Your dog will go right into the bath and then be dried and fluffed with new state of the art equipment. They will then go directly to the grooming table for a full hair cut or complete brushing depending on the breed. We will call 15 minutes before the grooming is finished so you will know when to come and pick up. We have picket fence pens in the front where your dog can hang out until you arrive.


At Bark Place we keep the entire process as stress free as possible.


Partial Grooming: Nails, Bath, Ear Cleaning, Shave Pads and Sanitary Area

Small Breeds (up to 15 lbs.):
Medium Breeds (up to 40 lbs.):
Large Breeds (over 40 lbs.):


Full Grooming: Partial Grooming plus Full Hair Cut

Small Breeds:
Medium Breeds:
Large Breeds
Giant Breeds:


A La Carte Menu

Deep Conditioner:
Just Nails:
Nails with Grinding:
Anal Glands Expression (external only):

$15.00 per 15 minutes